Copper, Silver, and Stoneware Jewelry

The artists at Stones & Clay work in a variety of mediums. Our creations feature charming combinations of copper, clay, silver, and hand cut stones set in silver. Our jewelry can be casual and it can also serve as the piece you always reach for to compliment your look. Explore our collection for something that fits your style.

Hand Crafted Clay Pottery

Stones & Clay features work from three talented artists: Juliana Clendenin, Kendra McKimmy, and Tonia Wallace.

All three artists grew up in Northwest Ohio and currently have home studios in Michigan and Ohio. Each traveled along their own paths but their roots continue to keep them connected. Their distinct experiences have led them to develop their own unique styles but they share a profound appreciation for nature that deeply influences their work. Shop pottery pieces that serve a purpose but still feel harmonious within the home.

Mineral Specimens

Tonia has always been fascinated by the Rocks and Minerals collected by her grandparents since the 1960s. The Pochay family’s love for rocks and minerals has continued to grow over four generations and as a result, so has the collection. We finally have an opportunity to share some pieces with the rest of the world. We hope you’ll discover the perfect piece to add to your collection, or to begin a new one.

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